Become a Coach

Become a Coach

Baseball, like many sports has a reputable coach education and accreditation program. Whether you are a coach, teacher, parent or a volunteer providing an opportunity for young people to play Baseball, Baseball New Zealand's coaching program will assist you to provide the best environment and progression to ensure lifelong participation in the sport.

Once you decide to become a coach in Baseball you need to:

  • Have the ability to teach basic skills, including throwing, catching, fielding a ball, hitting and moving between bases. Information about these basic skills, as well as tips and training programs to help you develop your teaching skills
  • Access Baseball equipment and appropriate uniforms for the team
  • Share an understanding of the basic Baseball rules, code of conduct and terminology to enable you to confidently take to the diamond
  • Familiarize yourself with the coaching policies to ensure you provide a safe and positive Baseball environment
  • Consider building a team of friends, family members or work colleagues
  • Participate in some Baseball activities and programs designed to help you get started.


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