World Masters Games 2017: Suz and Maree Add Feminine Touch to Scorpions

In the second feature of the World Masters Games 2017 series, we take a look at two women playing their part on and off the field with the Sydney Scorpions team playing baseball at WMG2017.

Suz Law - Law by name, Law by nature.

It's not only the men who get to enjoy playing baseball at WMG2017, with Sydney Police Officer Suz Law playing her part on the field as a utility player on the Scorpions roster competing in the 35+ Recreational competition.

Suz has been playing baseball for 12 years now and says she prefers to play sport with men because they play the game a lot harder and this helps her fuel her competitive streak and has played with the same bunch of guys for all of those 12 years.

Suz loves her sport having been a swimmer and played tennis along with two forms of hockey, in-line and ice before turning her attention to baseball.

Just a few hours into her third trip to New Zealand, Suz put her police training into practice as the team were heading to McDonalds for a late night meal, a police pursuit ended near the restaurant and she assisted the local officers in arresting the driver as he tried to flee on foot when the car being driven crashed, before heading inside for a well earned cheeseburger.

While always wanting to win, Suz says the main aim of the trip is to just enjoy themselves, have fun on the diamond and see as much of Auckland and the countryside as they can.

Maree Ross - Scorer Supreme

Approaching her mid 60's, Maree Ross was so keen to come to New Zealand to be the scorer for her baseball family, she decided it was time to get a passport for the first time in her life and follow the team to Auckland for World Masters Games 2017.

The season just finished in Sydney was the 24th in a row that Maree has been chief scorer for the Scorpions club and proudly proclaims the team and club her second family.

24 years ago, Maree's son decided he wanted to play baseball and while he is no longer playing, Maree has stuck around and has been involved in many different roles within the game on top of her scoring duties, having been secretary, treasurer, social club chief, managed the canteen and when the Olympics came to Sydney in 2000, she was the official pitch counter and was made official scorer and adjudicator at the 2009 Sydney World Masters.

The pinnacle of her involvement came in 2014 when Major League Baseball came to town for the season opener between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers when Maree was head co-ordinator for the volunteer crew that assisted at the event and her husband of 40 years John was a driver for the Dodgers, getting to meet many of the games top stars.

Maree is delighted to be part of what she calls her extended baseball family, while husband John (a keen follower of sprint car races) says "I am very proud of what our son achieved in the years he played ball, but even more proud of what Maree has done in the game."

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